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World Day of the Sick

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said the following at World Day of the Sick mass

Jesus always had a special relationship with the sick.  He does not preach resignation or simply tell people to offer up their sufferings; nor does he work “show miracles” to demonstrate the power that he possesses, in a manner in which to win quick converts through dramatic gestures.  Miracles do not substitute faith.  It is in the depths of our faith that we understand what the Lord is saying to us.   It is our faith that enables us to stand up with confidence and with trust in the Lord.

Jesus does not put himself at the centre of attention. Indeed Jesus rebukes the evil spirits, the ones who know his true identity, and tells them not to reveal who he is.   Faith is not imposed.  The encounter of every sick person with Jesus is not programmed in advance; Jesus brings healing in unexpected ways which really touch hearts and give both the sick and those who care for them new courage.

Jesus encounters and engages with the sick as individual persons.  He comes close to them, imposes his hands on each of them individually, he bows down over each sick person in a sign of respect reminding them of their dignity and giving them once again a true understanding of their own dignity as persons.   Jesus leads us to understand who he is through the way he shows his love and his care for those who are weak in body or mind.  This is the all-powerful God in action; this is the love of God being revealed through Jesus’ interaction with those who are weakest in society.

For full text of Archbishop Martin’s Homily click here

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