Kay Dowling Nutgrove Avenue

Reception of Remains  Tuesday 25th Sept  9.50am
Funeral Mass Tuesday 25th Sept 10.00 am
May she Rest in Peace

Mona Dolan (nee Germaine)

Reception of Remains; Friday at 9.50am
Funeral Mass:                Friday at 10am
May she rest in peace!

Who Do You Say I Am?

Shakespeare and Jesus. It was the 19th century British essayist, Charles Lamb, who snatched the 17th century playwright William Shakespeare from his undeserved obscurity, returning him to the limelight of fame. Charles Lamb was once involved in a discussion on the question, who is the greatest literary genius of all time? Two names finally emerged: [...]

Margaret Ryan, Braemor Road

Reception of Remains:       Thursday 6th Sept at 5.15pm
Funeral Mass:                      Friday 7th Sept at 10am
May she rest in peace

Thomas McCarthy, Loreto Row

Reception of Remains: Wednesday 5th September at 5.15pm
Funeral Mass:                 Thursday 6th September at 10am
May he rest in peace

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