Winifred Coyle, Orwell Gardens Friday 5th 10.00am

Holyland 2013

Cheltenham / Holy Week

For many people, the week at Cheltenham is the most important week in the year.  It is the week that they
1.   Look Forward to Celebrating
2.   Celebrate with Enthusiasm
3.  Look back on with mixed memories and feelings.
Cheltenham is not something I follow but I still get interested in as I listen to others get excited about [...]

Patrick Downey, Landscape Ave

Reception of Remains Thursday 7th at 11.20am
Funeral Mass Thursday 7th at 11.30 am
May He Rest in Peace

Una Byrne, Landscape Road

Reception of Remains: Wednesday 06/03/2013 at 11.20am
Funeral Mass: Wednesday 06/03/2013 at 11.30am
May She Rest in Peace

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