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Cheltenham / Holy Week

For many people, the week at Cheltenham is the most important week in the year.  It is the week that they

1.   Look Forward to Celebrating

2.   Celebrate with Enthusiasm

3.  Look back on with mixed memories and feelings.

Cheltenham is not something I follow but I still get interested in as I listen to others get excited about it.  Would the same be true for non believers / non practicing as they hear us talking about Easter?  Do we talk and anticipate Easter as if it were (and is) the most important event in the year?  This is the day that gives meaning to all that we do as Christians. Everything else is a mere shadow!

So do we:

1       Look Forward to celebrating Easter?

2       Celebrate it enthusiasm?

3          Look back on it with mixed memories and feelings?

Hopefully we do all the above and that the celebration of the Triduum then  strengthens my faith for the year ahead?

The Easter Triduum, The Three Great Days are the high point of the Christian Calendar.

So as the races and the different days go by in Cheltenham, we too have our different days and events in the Triduum.  Each of these should be anticipated in a different way, so that we can truly celebrate them.

The Triduum is the Gold Cup for Christians, it is the Cup Final for Christians, this is EASTER, the celebration of the Death and Resurrection of our saviour, the messiah, Jesus Christ.

St Paul says if the resurrection does not happen then we are fools, our faith is in vain.  So lets celebrate our faith in the death and resurrection, lets give it the best we can in Churchtown

So don’t come and sit, come and anticipate, come and participate, come and celebrate.

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