Rita Larrigan, Loreto Row

Reception of Remains:    Friday   20/06/14 at 9.50am
Funeral Mass:                  Friday  20/06/14 at 10am
May she rest in peace

Trinity Sunday Today’s feast presents God as mystery. Presenting God as Mystery, God as Trinity, means that we can never fully know God – at least not in this life

The greatest temptation for people of all religions is to seek to domesticate God, to reduce God to “our” image and likeness, or simply to what we want God to be for us.  This enables us to control God, a subtle way of ensuring that God does not challenge us.  God is perceived as on [...]

Tommy Fitzpatrick, Landscape Crescent

Reception of Remains:    Saturday   07/05/14 at 9.40am
Funeral Mass:                   Saturday  07/06/14 at 9.40am
May he rest in peace

I have no other plan — it must work.” A beautiful old story tells of how Jesus, after his Ascension into Heaven, was surrounded by the Holy Angels who began to enquire about his work on earth.

Jesus told them about His birth, life, preaching, death and resurrection, and how he had accomplished the salvation of the world.The angel Gabriel asked, “Well, now that you are back in Heaven, who will continue your work on earth?”  Jesus said, “While I was on earth, I gathered a group of people around me who [...]

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