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I have no other plan — it must work.” A beautiful old story tells of how Jesus, after his Ascension into Heaven, was surrounded by the Holy Angels who began to enquire about his work on earth.

Jesus told them about His birth, life, preaching, death and resurrection, and how he had accomplished the salvation of the world.The angel Gabriel asked, “Well, now that you are back in Heaven, who will continue your work on earth?”  Jesus said, “While I was on earth, I gathered a group of people around me who believed in me and loved me.   They will continue to spread the Gospel and carry on the work of the Church.” Gabriel was perplexed.  “You mean Peter, who denied you thrice and all the rest who ran away when you were crucified?  You mean to tell us that you left them to carry on your work?  Hmm  (Pause)

What is plan B?  And what will you do if this plan doesn’t work?”  Jesus said, “I have no other plan — it must work.” Truly, Jesus has no other plan than to depend on the efforts of his followers!

So that is the plan – its a plan that depends on you and me – a plan that depends on each of us – each of us using our talents and gifts and time and resources for the good of the Gospel.

But often we sit back and say ah sure some one else will do it…  NO that is not what Christianity is – it is a call from God to each of us to live our baptism – to live as active members of our parish and our church.    There is no plan B  – we are plan A

Last week after mass I heard a man giving out about the new sliding doors, apparently he was complaining that he was “blown out of it” at the doors.  I suggested that if he moved in, rather than staying at the doors and keeping them open it would be better – he said I should be grateful that he was there!! Really ? I should be grateful that he was there?   If anyone thinks that I am grateful that someone is here they have got it all wrong. No one is coming here for me, we come to worship, to pray, to be fed and nourished by word and Eucharist, and then go and put plan A into action.

There is a story of the raw army recruit standing at attention on the drill field. The drill instructor yells, “Forward, march!” And the entire ranks begin to move, all except this one raw recruit. He’s still standing there at attention. So the drill instructor strolls over to him and yells in his right ear, “Is this thing working?” “Sir, yes, sir!” The recruit yells.
Then the drill instructor walks around to the other ear and yells, “Is this thing working?” “Sir, yes, sir!” The soldier says. “Then why didn’t you march when I gave the order?” “Sir, I didn’t hear you call my name.” Some of us are like that soldier, standing around waiting for God to call our names. But the great commission given by Jesus on the day of his Ascension is a blanket order. It has everyone’s name on it. And you can be sure that the man in charge says, “Go! Make disciples! Teach!” It is your mission and my mission.

Quotes from Pope Francis from Evangelii Gaudium

The entire people of God proclaims the gospel

120 – In Virtue of their baptism all the members of the people of God have become missionary disciples, all the baptised , whatever their position in the church, or their level of instruction in the faith are agents of evangelisation

And it would be insufficient to envisage a plan of evangelisation to be carried out by professionals while the rest of the faithful would simply be passive recipients

Calls for personal involvement on the part of each of the baptised

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