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Christmas. A four-year-old girl went with a group of family and friends to see the Christmas lights, displayed at various locations throughout the city

. At one church, they stopped and got out to look more closely at a beautiful nativity scene. “Isn’t that beautiful?” said the little girl’s grandmother. “Look at all the animals, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.”

“Yes, Grandma,” replied the granddaughter. “It is really nice. But there is only one thing that bothers me. Isn’t Baby Jesus ever going to grow up…? He’s the same size he was last year!”

This story might be typical of what a child could think, but it can make a serious point  – can it prompt me to wonder has my faith grown, or is it the same as last year?  What can I do to nurture and develop my faith, so that the crib at Christmas is not just a sentimental sight, but something that reminds me of the place of Jesus in my everyday life?

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