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Let us make Lent a time of renewal of life by penance and prayer:

Lent should be a time for personal reflection on where we stand as Christians accepting the Gospel challenges in thought, word and deed.  It is also a time to assess our relationships with our family, friends, working colleagues and the other people we come in contact with, especially in our parish.  2) Let us convert Lent into a time for spiritual growth and Christian maturity by:  a) participating in the Mass each day or at least a few days in the week; b) setting aside some part of our day for personal prayer; c) reading some Scripture, alone or, better still, with others.  d) setting aside some money we might spend on ourselves for meals, entertainment or clothes and giving it to an organization which takes care of the less fortunate in our society;  e) abstaining from smoking, alcohol and other evil addictions;  f) receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Lent and participating in the “Stations of the Cross” on Fridays;  g) visiting the sick and those in nursing homes and doing some acts of charity, kindness and mercy every day in the Lent. 3) Let us use Lent to fight daily against the evil within us and around us by practicing self-control relying on the power of prayer and Scripture.

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