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Easter Message You might have heard the story of the machinist who worked years ago at the original Ford Motor Company plant in Detroit, Michigan.

Over a period of years he had “borrowed” from the factory various car parts and tools which he hadn’t bothered to return.While the management never condoned this practice, nothing was ever done about it. In time, however the “forgetful” machinist experienced a Christian conversion and was baptized. More importantly, the man took his baptism seriously and became a devout believer.

The very morning after his baptism, the machinist arrived at work with his pickup truck loaded with all the parts and tools he had taken from the Ford Company over the years. He went to his foreman and explained that he never really meant to steal them and asked to be forgiven. The foreman was so astonished and impressed by this act that he cabled Henry Ford himself, contacting the auto magnate while he was away visiting a European Ford plant. In his telegram the foreman described the entire event in great detail. Ford immediately cabled back this striking two-line response: “Dam up the Detroit River. Baptize the entire Plant!”

What difference does baptism make to my life?

We have journey from darkness to light.  We have journeyed from death to life.    Easter is the time for Baptism, the time for making new Christians.  The time for renewing our own Baptismal promises so that we will always know that the Risen Christ is here, present in our lives.

During this past week we have remembered the Easter Event, we have recalled how Jesus was denied, betrayed, how he how he washed their feet and shared his last meal with his disciples, He said “DO this in memory of Me”  that is why we are here, yes we are here to remember, but far more than that, we are not just remembering an event from history like titanic or the Easter Rising, as we gather to pray The Risen Jesus is with us in this community, in the Word and in the Eucharist.   We are called to be in communion with Christ and one another, we are called to go from here and bring the message of Jesus, that He is Risen, he is truly Risen,

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