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Welcome to the parish of Good Shepherd, Churchtown.

It is our hope that our website will contribute to uniting all who live here and help to build up community, so that people will be fulfilled in their own lives and families, and be willing to share their time and talents for the benefit of their neighbour, parish and community.

Good Shepherd Parish Church

Church of the Good Shepherd, Churchtown, Dublin 14

Church will remain closed until further notice with effect from Saturday March 28th.

A mandatory stay at home order came into effect at 00.00hrs today until Easter Sunday.

Thank you again for your understanding

Please continue to pray and to look after your neighbours and fellow parishioners.

ALL MASSES ON WEBCAM ONLY.  For further parish information click on “View Newsletter” which can be found on the right hand side of the website.

A link to DUBLIN ARCHDIOCESE NEWS  can also be found at the bottom right hand side of the website.

Map – Directions

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