Arrange a Funeral

Arrangements for the Funeral Mass of your loved one is usually made through the undertakers. However as soon as a loved one dies please inform one of the priests so that they can give you as much assistance as is possible.

Click here for template for assigning various ministries such as Readers etc

In our parish a Funeral Team was set up to assist by visiting bereaved families, and helping you to prepare the liturgy. They also try to be present on the morning of the funeral, and to be available, if needed, to go to the Crematorium or Cemetery.

Months Mind / Anniversary Mass

If you wish to arrange a Months Mind or Anniversary Mass for your deceased loved one please contact the Parish Office / Sacristy at Tel: 01 298 4642. As there is heavy demand for Mass bookings, especially Sunday Masses we advise you to book early. Please check before the Mass that your intention is being included in that particular Mass.

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